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The Morgue


3-6 players

70 min

From €11 per person

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Performance included!

For people over 16 years old! Not suitable for claustrophobic people.

The morgue’s refrigerator at St Lewis hospital is the place where the body of Larry Greenson is temporarily located. Larry, a serial killer who was about to kill off his new victim, was identified and killed by the police. The autopsy will be held today by you, since you are one of the top police forensics teams. Everything looks good and typical, until you notice some strange signs in the morgue... Larry does not seem to be as dead as the police and the journalists want to believe. An assassin, a living-dead criminal and a case to be debated, await you to clarify them! A completely different game is waiting for you! ! Who is brave enough to see what’s hidden inside the room? The answer awaits you at The Morgue!

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